• Simple as 1-2-3!
    1. Sign with Monolith Solar
    2. Monolith takes care of it all. Paperwork, permits, etc.
    3. Save with solar!
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  • Make The Switch!

    Ownership, the smart investment!

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  • Save Money!
    • 100% Pays for itself.
    • Invest in your home.
    • Ownership & tax breaks.
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  • Benefits of Ownership:
    • Collect all Federal tax benefits.
    • Collect all State tax benefits.
    • Rebates Apply!
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  • Be Solar Smart, Sign, Own! Save Instantly!

    Sign Today and Monolith will reimburse you for the electricity you wouldn’t have had to pay for, from purchase agreement until install. Maximum award is $300.*
    * Payment made after installation.

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Governor Cuomo Announces Monolith Solar to Expand Operations in Vista Technology Campus

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